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Future Projects


Future Projects
  • Protection of straying animals,

  • Planting of greenery in Yerevan-Sevan road,

  • Planting of greenery in “Eurasia” Dendrological  Park,

  • Development of the complex system of agricultural management for prevention of water pollution in Lake Sevan,

  • Tree planting in Yerevan,

  • Development of small and medium – sized

  • Elucidation of tax and customs laws for economic managers,

  • Promotion to the export of Agricultural goods,

  • Assistance to orphanages and nursing homes,

  • Working out a strategy for preventing the damages of agriculture caused by natural disasters,

  • Foundation of Ambulatories and providing them with medical equipments in remote districts,

  • Rebirth of forgotten national holidays,

  • Elucidation of the works of Armenian national songsters (goosan).