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About Us


About Us

Eurasia Charity Public Organization was registered and has been functioning since 1997

The President of the Organization Nver Torosyan


In 1991, Armenia declared its independence. The ensuing years were a serious test for the young independent republic. Our country survived an energetic crisis and economic blockade. These and a number of other factors had a disastrous effect upon the social-economic state of Armenia.
Beginning from 1995, the situation gradually started to improve. However, there was still much to do for the rehabilitation and further development of the republic.
Being true patriots, and urged by the desire to see Armenia a prosperous and developing country, the founders of our organization united their efforts and in 1997 created the “Eurasia” Charity Public Organization.

The Mission:

“Eurasia” CPO assists in ecological, economic and social development, in animal protection, promotion of humanism and democracy in RA, supports to the consolidation of cooperation between structures and business spheres of Armenia, Russia and other countries, by means of teaching, lobbying, advocacy campaigns, consultation, collaboration and donations.

The Structure of the Organization:

The organization comprises 112 members, 8 permanent volunteers, who on social bases support in the realization of the projects and in every-day office activities.
The administration of the organization is made up of highly qualified specialists in various spheres: economists, veterinarians, lawyers, ecologists, biologists, sociologists etc.
The managing body of the NGO is the Council, which is elected at the General Assembly. The General Assembly is summoned once a year.

“Eurasia” CPO    –    is one of the founders of Coalition of Agricultural Goods Processors & The Association of Armenia Dendrologists, a member of Protect our Forests Coalition as well as a member of Women Aid International. “Eurasia” CPO is also closely collaborating with local and international NGOs such as Eurasia Foundation, USDA, ATP, SPANA, Montana Spay/Neuter Task Force, Planned Pet hood Plus Inc., Corporate Affairs Manager Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners, WSPA, ESPACES, “Ecological Academy” NGO, The Municipality of Yerevan City etc.