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Current Projects


Current Projects
  • On October 23-24 in National Polytechnic University of Armenia will take place INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE–IY on topic «Monitoring of administrative region environment & pollutants toxicity evaluation». Organizer: Eurasia CPO,

  • Regular visits to Armenian elderly homes and orphanages (city Abovyan,«Narek» Old People’s home, city Yerevan, Nor Nork Old People’s home, Orphanages: Yerevan Orphanage, Gavar Orphanage, Special boarding school for hearing-impaired children Ministery of the Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia),

  • Cleaning works in Aparan reservoir and development of ecotourism  program at the site,

  • Ecocentre construction development  project near  Gegharot Waterfall in Aragats Community, Aragatsotn Marz of the Republic of Armenia,

  • Implementation of the Environmental Improvement Project. Replacement of DNAT lamps with LED lamps,

  • “Control of strays’ overpopulation of Yerevan City” ( The Municipality of Yerevan, SPANA, WSPA, RSPCA, Montana Spay/Neuter Task Force, Planned Pet hood Plus Inc., etc.),

  • Various social programs,

  • Granting the “Golden Aragats” Medal to all those benefactors, businessman, ecologists, inventors and private individuals who will invest in the public, social sectors, in a sector of science as well as nature and animal protection field,

  • Courses of foreign languages and computers (free of charge).